Monday, February 14, 2011


VALENTINE'S HAIR! This looked so gosh-darned cute in person but when I whipped out my cell phone and loaded it, I can tell it was done at 6:30 in the morning! Honestly, the camera made the part look bad...haha. Well, I at least tried to send my baby to school feeling special in her Tu-Tu and ribbons/hearts....At least I'm not the kind of mom to send them off just crawling out of bed in pj bottoms and pull on Ugg boots...haha.
HAPPY VALENTINES! Hope you all got something cause I DID NOT!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Still long till you see something?

OK....been with it now for four days. I did a "live chat" with a fellow named Thomas a minute ago and he said I was doing all the right things. I'm supposed to see a difference in eight weeks...yeah, just enough time to have to rebuy the bottles, right? That's what I thought. Anyhow, Here is my routine:

1. exfoliating cleanser
2. discoloration
3. eye restoration
4. intensive wrinkle treatment
5. age repair lotion

1. exfoliating cleanser
2. discoloration
3. eye restoration
4. intensive wrinkle treatment
5. wrinkle smoothing cream

Twice a week I do the microdermabrasion and peel.

So, how goes it? face feels so much softer! I will say that. Also, I have little closed hair bumps on my chin that have whittled away...not the hair that I pluck now and then but the
Discoloration....can't tell a difference. This will be the big letdown if I don't see a difference because this is the major reason why I started on the stuff. I do think I may have a wrinkle above my lip that I never noticed before so I have been doing the intensive wrinkle treatment there and also around my eyes, smile line real well to protect myself in the future.
So this is my update. My face feels great but then I will update you to tell you about any changes I see/don't see again in about a week.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Oil Of Olay PROx Challenge!

Okay Ladies and Gents!
My mother has told me that the Oil of Olay PROx collection has literally saved her sun scorched face. My sister has attested to the same thing. I have decided that I would take the challenge on myself. I will let everyone know whether I can see a product difference and if I think it is worth the money. This is for all you middle age moms out there that may or may not have the beginnings of age/sun damage. Let me tell you, the stuff was NOT inexpensive. But neither is a visit to a dermatologist. So I thought I would try this at home first. The do have a money back guarantee so why not? I believe all the things cost me about 150 dollars. Not exact on that. I did buy one kit at Sam's Club and will get a twenty dollar rebate from that but it will take two months....(same time it takes probably to run out of the stuff!) Also, mother says that if you call, they will send you a ten dollar coupon. I didn't do this either.
Tonight I started out with the exfoliating renewal cleanser just to get started. I wanted to have a nice clean face to do the microdermabrasion treatment. Wow...the cleaner worked well...had no smell..and the brush that you can buy to buff the cleanser in was easy to use and the head can pop off quite nicely to rinse. They even included the batteries!
Dermabrasion.....yup...this had a bite to it. Felt much like taking a handful of wetsand and "gently" grinding it into your face. I complained to my perfectly beautiful teenage daughter Brittany how much it "ouched" but secretly I was excited to grind off those dead cells and even out my skintone. Next I put on the peel activator serum. It did warm up and freak me out just a bit but I knew I needed that lactic acid to do the job. I rinsed with warm water. Dried my face with a washcloth and prepared myself for the next step.
I tried the deep wrinkle treatment around my "smile" line and where crows feet may form. Lucky me, I don't see wrinkles yet and most possibly don't even need this product yet but more is better right? lol. I want to make sure I don't look like a human "vagina" by the time I am 60.
After this I applied the discoloration fighting concentrate on my little age spot on my left cheek and my apples of my cheeks that look uneven. This is the entire reason I decided to start this system as this is really "buggy" to me and I don't want a huge age spot on my face someday. Especially one so huge that I can name it after deceased pets. This product better do the job for this especially or I will cry.
OK...these things being done, it was time to put the eye restoration complex around my eyes to keep them soft and supple. I think I may need the firming stuff too because I think my skin is thinning around my eyes but hey---can't afford all the stuff in one trip. Maybe they will throw in a freebee if I call and beg since I'm blogging this out for them.
Lastly, I put on the wrinkle smoothing cream. ooooohhh, lala...this made my face feel like someone was putting a nice cool bandaid on a slapped face after rubbing that sandy stuff in.
Now I'm done. I look in the mirror....What do i see? Well, can't see anything yet. My face is pinker from all the scrubbing but when I touch my face, it honestly feels like the silk I used to have around my baby blanket. I would just keep rubbing that silk and sucking my thumb. Maybe tonight I will touch my face and suck my thumb!
I need pics! I'm afraid to take them right now without my makeup on but i may change my mind to help all of womankind. After all, we all know we aren't "gorgeous" just crawling out of the shower, right? If you are, find another blog. This is for women that need help..haha.
So that is my first application. Oil of Olay has a handy dandy hotline to talk to a beauty professional to get advice for your age and problems. Tomorrow I will call them and see what all the hub-bub is about. Until then, I plan on doing the daily treatments and just the microdermabrasion peel twice a week! Talk to you in a few days!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010


Here are all the pics for the Grand Canyon State Feis (Irish Dance Competion). Sarah took first place in her Reel and third place in the Light Jig.

This one is blurry but they weren't on the stage long and we didn't have the camera ready!


This is Sarah's buddy Catherine.

This is Sarah's "HERO" Sarah Cherry

This is Sarah's dance teacher Christopher McGrory


This is Sarah's buddy Lindsay

This is Sarah with Michael Pat Gallagher. He is her #2 teacher and star of Riverdance.

Friday, October 9, 2009


our two favorite things.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009